MBA in health care develops skills into already healthcare professional skills of management and entrepreneurship to effectively run a hospital. A normal graduate who is in not into health profession can make entry into health care industry obtaining degree of Management in healthcare as far as he is concerned with administrative as well as finical aspects of the health care industry.

The courseware of MBA/HCM program focuses on developing skill of identification, analysis, solution of complex management problems with a basic understanding of health care concepts and decision models that supports the variety of management roles in present day health care management roles. At many institutions the MBA healthcare courseware is designed in such a manner that it equips a student with state-of-the art technologies in the health care industry.

As far as growth of career in Health Care, it is a promising field with a good number of opportunities for many people including MBA graduates.   The potential area where an MBA graduate can work in health care industry is Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, insurance companies, financial institutions and government agencies in areas like biotechnology, medical devices and health care services are a few of those services. Apart from all other factors, the most important factor for the scope of the degree is aging population with increasing need for the cost effective delivery of services. This development further added with use of technology and new drugs makes it necessary thing to be handled by a person with ample experience in management.

As according to survey assess the scope for MBA in health care the people with MBA health care MBA in coming time would be in control over multimillion-dollar facilities employing a good number of people.  There a good number of courses are offered by various universities in Health Care Management, below is the list of some of chosen universities that offer courses in Health Care MBA.

  • AIU Online: American Inter Continental University’s provides courses for various educational needs of the students. It provides an accelerated online MBA in health care Management which is well adapted to the needs and time of health care industry.
  • American Sentinel University:  The MBA course in health care from the university is one of the best courses with special focus on health care. This program is designed to train graduates for senior managerial positions in health care capable inculcating ideas from various disciplines and industry backgrounds.
  • Baker College Online: The health care MBA program at Baker College focuses on combining the best of the academic training along with filed based learning with an emphasis on allied health filed professionals in hospitals, medical healthcare related organizations like health insurance companies, health care industry extra.
  • Capella University Online: The MBA Health Care Management program is prepared with special focus on management and business skills as to effectively work within health care industry regime.

MBA in Healthcare Administration

Published by admin on Sat Jan 02, 2010

MBA simply means Masters of Business Administration. Nowadays the healthcare industry is becoming more and more advanced and technologically sophisticated. The strongest leaders in this category are those that understand the many facets that are involved in this dynamic marketplace. All is required for the healthcare administrators is the ability to handle the legal, economical, political, regulatory, historical and social demands of the industry as well as their managerial skills.

Most of the universities are offering an opportunity to the students who are interested in higher learning by providing them with masters of healthcare administration online programs. This MBA program provides the students with a strong basic foundation in business analysis a multiple choices from specialization in healthcare administration. In this way the students will have to join classes while at home and be able to fulfill their dreams. This is a flexibility that will acquaint the student with the freedom to take classes either in day time or at night. The students who choose this programs of MBA can decide to create a program of study that will directly relate to their personal interests in healthcare by taking different courses with the MHOS,  the healthcare finance issues, database an d information management

However, for someone to join these schools one is required to have met certain qualifications. The requirements are a complete an undergraduate degree with a GPA or with a minimum combined GMAT score within 50th percentile.  The program prerequisite will involve a basic accounting, macroeconomics and business statistics with the duration of 6, 3 and 3 semesters consecutively. The students will be required to dedicate their time for not less than two years in a healthcare program from the MBA.

The students of these programs will have to get an opportunity to gain the fundamental principles like the systems that comprises the healthcare industry, the dynamics of various health service organizations, the relationship between the public, private and social forces and how they affect healthcare. Moreover, the students will also gain the managerial skills that will sharpen and build cross-functional teams. Eventually, the students will have the competencies in business and also the leadership skills that will help to manage pursue a managerial position in a world of medical health services like the hospitals, healthcare management companies, and practitioners’ offices.

The completion of the course study will lead to good opportunities in employment. It has been estimated that from 2006-2016 the employment of medical and healthcare services is expected to grow by 16 percent. The industry has grown, expanded and diversified leading to more and more managerial skills in demand for fluent and smooth operations in the business. This is an open field to the students/applicants with work experience in this field and much more importance, the managerial skills.